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See how we can help you get your PPP forgiven and financially survive this pandemic

Our Successes

Here are some wins that our clients have seen through our help.

  • Hundreds of thousands of PPP funded already (and more on the way)

  • Hundreds of thousands of EIDL grants and loans funded already (and more on the way)

  • Several businesses now thriving during the crisis

  • Business owners who still have work for their employees

Get Your PPP Forgiven

  • Make sure you don't have to pay back your PPP loan!

  • Includes a forgiveness Calculator

  • Step by step instructions on how to prepare application package for forgiveness

Don't Wait Around

Every day that you wait could mean the difference of getting the funding you need or not

How we can help you

Are you one of the millions of businesses affected by the Coronavirus? Don't let this crisis just *happen* to you. Take control of your business' fate. How long will this COVID-19 economic crisis last? One month? Six? One year? Two? Give your business the best chance to survive.

SBA Loans are great but there are many other strategies to save your business. This program will teach you how to get very intentional about making sure your business survives. You will have our constant support through all of your processes. We show you the ins and outs of taking advantage of new legislation, getting state funding, pivoting your business model, adapting, budgeting, forecasting, and submitting complete loan applications. We also have TONS of resources. This is a dynamic course and it will constantly be updated as the United States moves through this crisis and as changes are happening frequently.


Some highlights and features of our program

  • Speed and Accuracy

    The speed and accuracy of implementing strategies during this time is crucial. There are so many people applying for funding and if your application gets held up due to inaccurate or incomplete applications, you may not get funding.

  • Cost

    NOT taking action because you don't know what to do could be costing you thousands every day in missed revenue and financing.

  • Support

    You will have the support of our private community of other members of this program as well as our staff's support. While you may not get one on one consulting, there will be tons of live Q&A opportunities as well as email support.

Every Hour You Wait

is potentially costing you thousands of lost revenue and financing


by Rex M.

Ryan was very helpful with obtaining my Paycheck Protection Loan. 1st, he notified me of the possibility of this program. He did this early, which was very helpful with my having time to prepare. Then, he provided follow up information, and assisted with strategic questions about how to apply for the loan. Ryan was responsive, and informed, and both approachable and professional.

by Andrew C.

I am not quite sure if I would have even applied for the PPP loan without the assistance of Ryan and his team. As I learned more from him, I realized that my company could benefit from this program. Ryan and I discussed the process, he connected me with a banker and helped me through the application process. He even corrected the banker's calculations which increase the amount I qualified for by about $3000. If you are having doubts about this program, reach out to Ryan.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Introduction

    • Resources - IMPORTANT!

  • 2

    Crucial Documents

    • Crucial Documents List

  • 3

    Forecasting and Budgeting

  • 4

    Paycheck Protection Program

    • Intro to the Paycheck Protection Program

    • Applying for the PPP

    • Making Sure Your PPP is Forgivable

    • Making Sure Your PPP is Forgivable (Detailed Training)

    • Resources

  • 5

    Economic Injury Disaster Loan (SBA Grant + Loan)

    • Intro to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan

    • How-To Videos coming soon!

    • Resources

  • 6

    Alternative Funding

    • Resources

  • 7

    Section 139 Disaster Relief Payments

    • What is Section 139?

    • Steps to Take Advantage of this Program

  • 8

    Payroll Tax Deferral

    • What is the Payroll Tax Deferral?

  • 9

    Employee Retention Tax Credit

    • What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit?

    • Resources

  • 10

    Health Related Tax Credits

    • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

  • 11

    Retirement Plan Withdrawals

    • Retirement Plan Withdrawals

  • 12


    • Resources